Thursday, April 2, 2009

Banouge Notes 2nd April 2009

Scór Sinsear ----- Munster Champions-----Congratulations

An exciting buzz surrounded Cappaquin’s community hall on the staging of the 40th Munster Scór Final last Saturday night. GAA clubs from across the province performed diverse fields of music, song and dance thus preserving Irish Culture and facilitating groups and individuals to maintain an interest in a wide section of stage pursuits. Banogue representing Limerick, were competing in the Ballad Group section, fifth competition of the night, having qualified from the semi-final in Ballybunion two weeks ago. The standard in all competitions at Munster final level is extremely high. Limerick had qualified in five of the eight competitions.

On the night our Group gave their best performance to date, and were against groups from Clare, Cork and last years champions Waterford. Donned smartly in the club and county colour, green, they obviously were enjoying it and their singing, music and harmonies were delightful. So nearly two hours later, tension was electric when results were announced, Figure Dancing 2nd Limerick, Solo Singing 2nd Limerick, Ballad Group 2nd Waterford, we waited 1st Banogue and we went “Wild”. Five Munster Medals came to Banogue on the 40th anniversary of Scór and we remember all those from the parish who took part in Scór since it started in 1969 and all the enjoyment they had in it. Between the hugs and the cheers, tears and elation, it was nearly five minutes before they were able to go on stage to accept their medals and the Croabh na Mumhan Cup.

We congratulate Veronica Callinan, Fiachra Liston, Patricia Noonan, Sarah Bagnell and sub Muirne Liston on a wonderful and historic achievement. Muirne, was standing in for Ciara Costello who was in Moscow for the weekend with a group playing traditional Irish music there. But Muirne is no stranger to scór as she won a Munster medal in the Solo Singing section of Scór na nÓg in1994. As far as we know the only other person from the parish to win a Munster medal in Scór Sinsear was the late Peter Dunworth. We now go on to the All Ireland Final in the INEC, Killarney on April 18th and are Limerick’s sole representatives.

The songs they sang were Phil Coulter’s “Gold and Silver Days” and “P it stands for Paddy” which has another parish connection as it is on “Líadan’s” first album. They sang an a cappella version of this love song and we learned from it and added the bodhrán. Líadan is Deirdre Chawke’s all girl traditional folk touring group, and it’s interesting that “Líadan” are launching their second album “Casadh an Taoide” (Turning the Tide) in Limerick the same night as the All Ireland, April 18th. Is it a sigh of good luck?

As usual we had a fantastic crowd of supporters to cheer us on. The bus was full and some travelled by car and we sincerely thank everybody for their good wishes and friendship and their cooperation. As Irish people around the world celebrated the winning of the Triple Crown and Grand Slam, we travelled with our “Munster Champions” to Walsh’s most hospitable establishment in Kildorrery, where we were generously looked after. We were in time to see Bernard Dunne win the world boxing title. The cup was filled and we sang and danced till the early hours and the craic was mighty.

It’s a long road from humble beginnings last November when the search for songs and talented singer’s began. It was Leonardo de Vinci who said “All good things come to mortals at the price of effort”. How right he was, certainly all the group and a few more, put in plenty effort and no stone was left unturned to try different ideas at rehearsals, all aiming at perfection. As we have progressed in the competition the level of team spirit has been growing steadily and like Declan Kidney’s Irish Rugby team a positive attitude has developed. And how it has paid off! Its brilliant to be associated with it. What a day and night to remember all over the country?

. Our final journey will be to Killarney to the All Ireland. Tickets and Bus seats will be scarce so you are advised to buy seats early. Usual starting time at the All Ireland Scór is 4pm.So book the day off. Full payment only, secures both.

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