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Banouge Notes 17.11.2011

Many young Men of Twenty”
Action takes place in the backroom of a village public house somewhere in Southern Ireland in the 1960's

Act 1 – Morning
Act 2 – Scene 1 Evening 1 year later
Scene 2 Following Evening
Act 3 Morning Week Later

John B Keane really understood what deprevation and immigration meant to our ancestors.
In his play “Many young men of twenty” he has a woman bidding farewell to her sons who are about to emigrate to England to find work. John B Keane was an observant man there are a lot of powerful messages in all his plays and in this play we well observe how immigration had such a huge affect on families in the 60's.
Peg Finnerty, ---------------------- Helen Dore
Danger Mulally,------Phil McAuliffe
Maurice Brown-------Joe Biggane
Seelie Hannigan-----------Sheila Clifford
Tom Hannigan-------------Harry Twomey
Maynan--------------------Breda Gavan
Daheen Timineen Din------------------Willie Donegan
Kevin ----------------------Fiachra Liston
Dinny -----------------------Mike Meade
Kitty Curley------------------------- Veronica Callinan
Dot ----------------------Helena Twomey
J.J. Houlihan-----------------------Tom Storan
Johnny ----------------------------Kevin Chawke
Mikey-------------------James Dore
Mary -----------------------Aisling Scully
Box Player--------------------- Kieran Larkin

Set Construction Danny and Theresa Costello,
Denis Gavan, Muirne Liston, Jim Dore
Lighting--------------Mary B Ryan
Sound--------------- Theresa Costello.
Costume Consultant----------------Breda Gavan
Sound Equipment---------------------Fiachra Liston
Produced and Directed by: Mary Liston

We aim to continue the progress that has been made of the past year in developing a full sized playing field of which we can all be proud to cater for our youth for generations to come. The life blood of rural Ireland is the club, the field and the clubhouse.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all who have supported our fundraisers in the past and for the work that was completed this year in the planning, reseeding, stone picking, rolling, fencing.

Thank you to all those who gave their time, labour and machinery in carrying out the ground works over in our field in Rosstemple. It looks like a soft green carpet because of all the dedication that went into it.

“Many young men of Twenty” by John B Keane
Well preparations are well under way over in the hall for this years hilarious comedy play “ Many Young Men of Twenty” by John B Keane. It will be staged in Banogue Hall at 8pm for eight nights on November 18th,19th,20th, 23rd,24th,25th,26th,27th at 8pm in aid of Banogue G.A.A field development fund.

Athlacca are very well represented in this play as Phil McAuliffe returns to the stage once again and is taking on a very challenging role that he is well on the road to mastering. The other representitive from the parish of Athlacca is Helen Dore formally Helen Buckley and there will be great excitement in Croom Hospital when she takes to the stage. Im sure they will all come down and support her in taking on this fantastic challenge. Finally Mike “the Bishop” Meade is also returning to the stage as he had such a great experience last year. We would love to see mikes team mates coming up and witnessing his talents off the pitch and on the stage.

There was some serious movements going on over the past few days getting the set painted and put together. All the props have been sourced locally from various households in the parish so it will be exciting to see how it all comes together. The cast are under strict instructions to have their lines off for rehersals as time is pushing on so we can well imagine they are all saying their lines over in their heads as d-day pushes closer.

This play is being produced by Mary Liston who produced last years play “Moll” and two other John B Keane greats in Granagh a few years ago “Sive” and “The Field”.Her reputation preceeds her and we are once again looking forward to eight wonderful nights of entertainment over in the hall. Parking is provided and there will be volunteers there every night to aid all drivers and instruct them where to go. There is tea, coffee, cakes and sadwiches available to the audience after the show and this is always a great time to meet and greet members of the cast following their performance.
This play promises to be a real joy to watch and a very important story is being told so be sure and come along and give us your support. Don't get caught out like last year, the advice is to come early and get a good seat as the hall will be well heated.

"Many young Men of twenty" is considered by many to be one of Keanes finest, it is a hilarious and sometimes heart-wrenching commentary of our country in the dark days of economic hardship nearly five decades ago. The play deals with emigration and the lack of jobs at home that force people to leave their native Ireland for England.

The play is presented by a talented and experienced cast and produced by Mary Liston, this production will both entertain with its classic John B Keane humour and explore the damage that depressed economic conditions have on rural Ireland.
so come along and enjoy a great night out.
tickets €10 children €5

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